Great Healthy Food Recipes For The Brain

Whether you’re a college student who wants to increase your cognitive memory, a health care worker who wants to help your patients avoid dementia, or a mother who wants to make sure that her child’s brain is developing in the best possible way, preparing great healthy food recipes for the brain on a daily basis is the best way to do so, even though it can be challenging.

However, there are ways to fit simple and delicious meals into your day that include ingredients proven to prevent brain aging diseases and help the mind function more efficiently. From meals to healthy brain food snacks, there are healthy food recipes that you can make for any meal to keep the brain healthy, each and every day.

Great Healthy Food Recipes

Healthy Food Recipes #1: Boiled Eggs

There are many great healthy food recipes for breakfast that include eggs, but boiled eggs are quick and easy to make if you don’t have a lot of time to make a complicated meal.

For best results, use organic or free-range eggs that don’t include any extra preservatives or hormones.

To begin, bring a pot of water to a gentle boil and place two eggs into the water. Boil them for eight minutes and ensure that the water doesn’t come to a full or roiling boil. After eight minutes, remove the eggs and place them under cold, running water.

The eggs contain omega fatty acids that help the brain grow and develop, which may improve cognitive ability in children and young adults. To enhance this meal, you can serve the eggs with whole wheat bread, as it contains folate, a B vitamin that’s vital for creating memory cells in the brain.

Healthy Food Recipes #2: Black Bean and Salmon Tostadas

If you’re looking for great healthy food recipes for lunch that are both delicious and fun to make, then these tostadas should be high on your list. They include some of the best brain foods, such as fresh salmon, a fish that contains a great deal of folate and omega 3 fatty acid, an ingredient that has been linked to preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s, tomatoes that are packed with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that protects brain cells, and avocado, which is full of vitamin E that improves blood flow to the brain.

To make this meal, combine the salmon and avocado in a bowl with some and jalapenos. Then mix some of the jalapeno juice with some cabbage and chopped cilantro in separate bowl. Then, blend some black beans, salsa, and scallions in a blender. You can spread the mixture on homemade or store-bought tortillas and then top them with the cabbage and cilantro.

Healthy Food Recipes #3: Blueberry Smoothie

No collection of great healthy brain food recipes would be complete without the inclusion of brain food snacks that are quick and easy to make. One snack that’s packed with antioxidants that fight damaging toxic radicals in brain cells and keeps them healthy is a blueberry smoothie. Blueberries are not only packed with those powerful antioxidants, they also prevent a process in the brain called oxidation, which reduces brain function.

To take advantage of the power of the blueberry in a smoothie form, you’ll need a banana, soy milk, yogurt, some flax seed, honey, and 2/3 of a cup of fresh blueberries. Cut the banana in small pieces and then combine all of the ingredients except the blueberries in a blender. Blend the ingredients, and then slowly add the blueberries until the consistency is smooth. Blueberry smoothie blends are great healthy food recipes for the brain that can be taken on the go and are a wise alternative to sugary treats.

Healthy Food Recipes #4: Orecchiette with Shrimp

Much like cold water fish, shrimp has essential fatty acids that boost brain growth, but it also contains a great deal of vitamin B12, which has been shown to protect neurotransmitters in the brain and increase cognitive ability. When it comes to great brain food recipes, there are few tastier than orecchiette with shrimp. You can also use other types of pasta with this recipe.

First, cook peeled shrimp until they turn pink and then make the orecchiette (follow the package directions). Add some fresh spinach leaves and a touch of olive oil. Combine the shrimp and pasta, season to taste, and top it with a bit of parmesan cheese.

Making these great healthy food recipes for your family will ensure healthy brain growth, increase cognitive ability, and protect their brains from diseases like Alzheimer’s, all while they enjoy tasty meals that are as much fun to make as they are to eat.